Of course! Rubbella has a small showroom with a huge stock, after making an appointment from Monday to Saturday from 10.00-17.00 you are welcome to admire the large collection while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea! (I only work by appointment!)

You see indeed very few men’s clothing online, this is because most items for the man are made to measure and I respect the privacy of my customers. Of course there are a lot of men’s creations made by me, which can be admired at parties.

Where this theory comes from is a mystery to me? This is absolutely not true! Latex does not tear at the seams, at Rubbella it is expertly glued with glue that vulcanises the seams (they melt together) when latex tears, this often happens through rough use, either long nails or sharp jewelry. Whether it is the latex of the best producer FourDrubber or a company that dipped / moulded its latex, in the case of injudicious use all latex will tear

Unfortunately yes! There are also care products on the market that are specifically intended for latex maintenance, but that are not good for your latex clothing! (Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this online) Rubbella does not guarantee garments that have been treated improperly. For good and safe maintenance I recommend the RUBBELLA Pure and BeGLOSS products.

With more than 20,000 likes on Facebook and 50,000 on Instagram, it is no longer possible for me to keep track of who all want to be friends. I will keep my private profile private and I will be happy to answer your question if you make the effort to send it directly. I don’t have time to chat with everyone all day, who else has to make all the latex creations?

My private name (Wendy Postma) plus the address is on the package as the sender, so no RUBBELLA!

Shipment is discreet at all times, either in a brown envelope or recycled material, think of brown paper or a box, which of course has nothing strange on it.

Rubbella strives to ensure that you can enjoy your order the next day! However, if it is not in stock or has to be specially made, take into account the stated delivery time for the product. Anything ordered before 3 p.m. will be shipped the same day.

My preference is not to chlorinate latex, after this process the structure of the latex has changed so that repairs or adjustments are no longer possible and the attractive shine of latex has disappeared. However, I have an external company that does want to chlorinate your latex garment at a certain rate. So it is possible!

No, unfortunately… As you can see, I do 95% of the modeling myself, to save costs. The Photographer is my husband (Jan) and the other models you see are already customers or very good friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to provide everyone with free latex clothing.

    Contact wil ik:

    Are you interested in my product or do you have a specific wish for a latex design? Contact us by phone or e-mail and then we look together at the possibilities. I work from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 – 17.00 hours.

    Telefoon: +31(0)623666580

    Email: rubbella@rubbella.nl