Latex Harlekino Pants

Latex Harlekino Pants

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Steal the show with the Latex Harlekino Pants! This pull on legging with very wide legs has a reinforced waist band so it fits nicely on the hip or waist. Coup seams can be added if desired for slightly rounder buttocks. The legs runs extra wide from the knee and is decorated with colored triangles that point upwards. The bottom of the legs is reinforced by means of a bale in order to keep a round form. In summary, cheerful pants that will definitely attract attention. Shown in Black with Red, but every color combination is possible. Can also be ordered with a cross zip, please contact me via my contact form for this.


This product has a delivery time of 1-3 weeks, entirely depending on busyness. Are you in a hurry? Contact me directly and maybe I can help you. If so, you'll have the order within a few days! I have a flexible schedule!


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The Latex Harlekino Pants will be washed and shined when delivered. For proper maintenance, I recommend Begloss Special Wash. To easily dress up you can use Begloss Easy Glide and for an ultimate shine you need Begloss Perfect Shine.

Latex is a natural product which can last for years when properly taken care of.