Latex Cups Catsuit

Latex Cups Catsuit

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Unique Latex Cups Catsuit with coup seams, bust cups (consisting of 3 panels) and a double zipper. A zipper in the crotch and a long zipper up to the waist, tightly fitting the entire body. This Catsuit is unique because it is made of one piece, so no disturbing interrupting lines in the suit. No weird seams at the buttocks or in the crotch, which you often see in the cheaper swimsuit models. The contours of the suit follow the contours of the body nicely, making it super closely fitting around your body. Do you want to give the catsuit something extra? Combine it with a Deco Corset and short Latex Gloves.


This product has a delivery time of 1-3 weeks, entirely depending on busyness. Are you in a hurry? Contact me directly and maybe I can help you. If so, you'll have the order within a few days! I have a flexible schedule!

Made to measure

This product is custom made! Do you want your measurements taken by Rubbella personally? Mention this during the checkout, you will be contacted as soon as possible.


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The Latex Cups Catsuit will be washed and shined when delivered. For proper maintenance, I recommend Begloss Special Wash. To easily dress up you can use Begloss Easy Glide and for an ultimate shine you need Begloss Perfect Shine.

Latex is a natural product which can last for years when properly taken care of.