Made to Measure

Are you looking for an outfit with the perfect fit, but can not you find it anywhere?
Then you are at the right place at Rubbella. With years of experience in customization, Wendy makes that what you want!

With made to measure, your entire body is measured from head to toe and converted into a unique pattern, especially for you.

Do you have different sizes or does ready-to-wear clothing almost never fit or is it not what your like? Then Made to measure (tailor-made) is something for you.

After making an appointment, I will fully measure you and your favorite item of clothing will be made within 1-3 weeks.

If you do not have the opportunity to come by, but do you want to have a piece of clothing made to measure, please contact me, by means of an extensive size form with explanation, I will assist you in taking the right measurements.

Did I make you curious about made to measure? Watch my video on YouTube.