Care and maintenance of latex


A brief summary on how to wash latex, before first use and long enjoyment

For the maintenance of Latex, take a large tub with warm water. Add a bit of Begloss Special Wash here. Wash your clothes in this until they are completely talc free, you have to rinse well three times until the water is no longer brown or yellow, so that all the talc has disappeared from the latex.

When your clothes are clean, fill another tub with lukewarm water and add two capfuls of Begloss Perfect Shine. Submerge your garments and pull it through the tub, as you will see the silicone will automatically adhere to your garment. With light garments it may seem that your garment is discolored, this will disappear completely after drying, so don’t be alarmed!

After washing, shake the excess water off your garment and place it on a towel (bath towel) to dry, turn it inside out after drying and let it dry further. You can hang small items of clothing, if the item of clothing is too heavy you should put it down. You will notice that your garment now has a small shiny protective layer, so you can even put it on without a dressing aid. For smooth donning, use dressing aid from Eros or Begloss Easy Glide. With the BeGloss Perfect Shine Spray and the Polish Wipe you can polish your garment and make it shine anti statically.

Have you been out for an evening and you want to wash the smoke and party attack from your garment, just throw it back in a tub and repeat the first steps. You can also just take it in the shower and wash your garment. (another experience with it;)

BE AWARE!!!! With oil, metals, perfumes and sunlight.
Latex and Oil are not friends.

Metal can discolour latex, so be careful with chains, coat hangers, railings, or handcuffs … Perfume can also contain oils or substances that are not friendly to latex. You can sit in the sun with your clothes, no problem, but do not put your clothes in the sun for too long. What you often see in stores are damage (white rash) from letting it hang in UV light for too long, so this is actually a kind of degeneration of the rubber.

If you want to store your garment for a long time or it needs to be repaired, wash it in Dreft (washing-up liquid), this will remove the silicone. Then talk it lightly with RUBBELLA Pure Powder and keep it in a dark plastic bag. Latex with silicone on it cannot be glue and I can therefore not repair.

Light garments may discolour when in contact with dark ones. Wash and store them separately, once discolored there is no going back!

Rubbella takes no responsibility for improperly treated garments, used cleaning agents or care products other than those mentioned in this letter will invalidate the warranty.