Meet Wendy, the founder of Rubbella. As a creative lady she was already tinkering with different materials at a young age. When she discovered the material latex (rubber) in 2005, she had found her dream (job). Latex is a material with so many different possibilities from which you can create incredibly beautiful things, nothing is impossible or too crazy for her.

Now many years later, Rubbella has grown into a company where everyone can go for latex clothing, care and a large collection of shoes.

With the exception of the dipped collection, everything is designed and made by Wendy herself. She is your only and direct point of contact, after all your wishes have become clear in a personal conversation, you will be measured by her. This method eliminates the risk of errors. This way you have the certainty that everything is perfect and that all your wishes are carried out correctly.

With Wendy you get your money’s worth. She strives for perfection full-time and that is reflected in her product, the quality and the service she provides.

Wendy works with a tight schedule and tries to complete all assignments within 1-3 weeks. The demand for her expertise is increasing.

Rubbella offers the possibility to shop privately with her. Are you not quite sure what you want, do you need assistance while shopping or are you afraid that it will not fit? Then make an appointment to visit her showroom and come and admire the extensive collection while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea! This of course with the intention to actually buy something. It would be a shame if you rob Wendy of her scarce production time 😉